sailor outfits for hq_69min

New shoes!!





white people back at it again

they all look exactly as you would expect them to

Soooooo…. Where’s the riot police to stop them……..

My question exactly

yr really cute and kind and u seem really cuddleable and im sure there are people you know irl that are down for hanging out and doing cute kisses. anyway goodnight <3
yeah pr o ba bly.
night night uwu sweet dreams friend
sounds like it’s just a matter of waiting to find someone who’s same in htat case?


that feels like a long wait, maybe an impossible mission.


i am talking about characters from eureka 7 Kate :O

the super secret technology of friends with benefits. all the kiss, none of the commitment.

ik but like. idk how to explain it. like i want a datemate, like i want that relationship, bt without having to put 100% into it because i like/ will probably not. feel that. way. for them anyways? like that makes me sound like a jerk. 

like i wanna do the cuddling, smooching, pampering thing, but i dont wanna have to say gross things and i dont want them to expect that stuff from me because it makes me siiiick feeling. 

i could die in fifty years, or i could die tomorrow, there’s really no telling.

i do wanna have a datemate i guess but i’m not really. i don’t — idk i think a lot of people are cute and i wanna smooch them and stuff but i don’t really put any effort into. the whole romance thing. or like. asking people out or like. yeah. 

maybe if i put efort into someone but at the same time no one makes me want to really do that. 

its like art block, but with people. it’s weird. 

i shoul d just date makoto tachibana because then i could be happy

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