I like seeing characters of people like me but most of the time it’s a stereotype, usually a Hijabi Muslim Brown Arab Woman. Let’s address this one at a time:


The hijab’s popularity among Muslim Arabs of today is a modern phenomenon that was largely viewed as a protest against Westerners, especially Israelis.

My grandmothers never wore hijab in their lives, but most of their daughters, including my mother, did. They did because the culture they grew up in, the culture of the generation before me, was the one that experienced revolution and emancipation. A lot of women of my generation are actively rejecting the hijab (as well as Islam), but women from more Western countries may sometimes embrace the hijab as a form of pride or as a means to cope with dysphoria.

Years of independence for an abbreviated list of Arab nations:

  • UAE, 1971
  • Qatar, 1971
  • Bahrain, 1971
  • Yemen, 1967 *
  • Kuwait, 1961 **
  • Syria, 1961
  • Jordan, 1946

* Yemen is a complicated situation due to the North/South Yemen split. The unification occurred in 1990.

** Kuwait had a recent independence from Iraq in 1991, but the 1961 is largely considered the independence date.

Religion != Race

Arab != Muslim. Though the majority, a significant number of Christians live in the Arab World, especially in countries that border the Mediterranean. For example, Lebanon’s Nancy Ajram, a huge pop star in the area, is Christian, not Muslim. There are a few Arab Jews as well, Bob Azzam is a prominent one.

Also, Iranians are not Arabs. Turks are not Arabs. Afghanis are not Arabs. Kurds are not Arabs. Azerbaijanis are not Arabs. Please understand this. We get grouped together a lot because the primary religion is Islam but our cultures are pretty different from one another, as are our languages. In fact, Arabic is closest most to Hebrew when it comes to major languages, not Farsi or Turkish or anything like that.

Skin Color and Hair Color

Arabs are legally recognized as white by the majority of the world.

The only reason you see us identify as non-white is because we have been othered by white America after the events of 9/11.

There is an incredible amount of diversity in the appearance of Arabs. Within my immediate family extended to include first colors you will find red, blonde, brown, and black hair. You will find brown, blue, and green eyes. You will find pale skin like mine and then dark brown skin. This is not uncommon whatsoever.

Final Statements?

Be more creative with your designs. Here’s a classic clip from a 1961 film called Al 7ob Keda. Notice the alcohol, the style of dance, the style of music, the interactions between men and women, etc.

The Arab World has changed drastically since the aforementioned independence dates. Please take that into consideration. While some of us embrace the change and return to more “traditional” times, other of us think “progress” actions should be taken. There is a lot to our culture, so please be mindful. Hijabi Muslim Brown Arab Woman isn’t always the answer, and without thinking fully you are likely to end up with a stereotypical token character.

Thank you.


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