Ok so i knew Morgan would have a lot of classes, but jeez, Nah can e so many things now too since she’s also my kid and omg wow. My cte pink and green haired babs



it’s that time of year again: the time where i send you dicks. this is my third sex toy giveaway and you know the third time’s the charm, so what better time to give away $100 to bad dragon

that’s right $100. i will buy you anything on bad dragon’s website up to $100, including shipping. shipping is about $11 for the US and $33 for international so even international folks can get a $60ish dick. god bless.

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"you choose your favourite character because they remind you of yourself"



Erejean 9+15 with Jean dedicating Eren a song

do i want the pink merbabe snapback, or the purple one hmm 


I really did it circusfairy I bought the Henry dakimakura„,

(beautiful Henry dakimakura from robodumpling ‘s shop)


(lemme touch it one day)

idk why but tsukiyama shuu’s creepy obsessive behaviour really gave me flutters in my tummy.good ones.